Our Leadership

Leadership Team                                  

Gary Wilhite
Vice President of Finance                                             

Alberto Hernandez                  
Director of Operations - North America

Thomas Schulte               
Director of Operations - Europe

Patty Ryan Vincent
Director of Human Resources - North America & United Kingdom

Sebastian Koertge
Director of Human Resources - Germany & Romania

George Brace
Director of Sales - North America

Mark Rawlings
Engineering & Sales Manager - United Kingdom

Jonathon Hernandez
Corporate Purchasing Manager

Brett Ferris
Global Manager of Information Technology

Marlin Garland
Quality Systems Manager - North America

Andreas Nilsson
Quality Systems Manager - Europe

Sandeep Degala
Plant Manager - Addison 

Dan-Florin Grigore
Plant Manager - Brasov

Greg Reed
Plant Manager - Leslie

Brenden Haffner
Plant Manager - Lydney

Jenny Acacio
Plant Manager - San Luis Potosi

Miguel Renteria
Plant Manager - Monterrey & Windsor